Top UAFS Stories of 2014-15


From internships with groundbreaking machinery to making strides towards its first master’s degree program, the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith saw one of the most formative years in its history during the 2014-15 school year. Below are the top 10 stories from last year:


Mike Kindellan

UAFS Students Working Internship with Innovative Machinery: Mike Kindellan is changing the world one cardboard pallet at a time. And he’s hiring University of Arkansas - Fort Smith students to help him do it.


Sustainable Conservation House

UAFS Constructing Energy Efficient Learning Facility: The newest learning facility at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is reinventing the classroom with a house on the periphery of campus currently being renovated to offer courses on energy conservation and sustainable energy topics.


Asa Hutchinson

Hutchinson to UAFS Graduates: “Join the New Day in Arkansas”: Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson urged University of Arkansas - Fort Smith graduates to be part of a “new day in Arkansas” at the university’s commencement ceremony held Dec. 11 in the Stubblefield Center.


Recreation and Wellness Center ground breaking

UAFS Breaks Ground for Recreation and Wellness Center: The effort to create a new fitness center on the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith campus began in 2013 with a group of students wanting to make a change. And those efforts culminated in a groundbreaking April 15 on the southwest corner of campus for the university’s newest building -- the Recreation and Wellness Center.


Mentor Connections

UAFS Mentor Connections Program Forges Life-Changing Relationships: Three years before 15 students’ lives were changed by the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith’s Mentor Connections program, UAFS student Casey Millspaugh’s life was changed by a business card.


Amy Tan

Tan Discusses Life During Visit to UAFS March 18: Amidst rainy weather and cool temperatures, Amy Tan spoke to local residents and University of Arkansas - Fort Smith students, faculty and staff about her life and its relation to “The Joy Luck Club” March 18 in the Stubblefield Center as part of the university’s ReadThis! program.


John Taylor

Taylor Tells UAFS Graduates to “Define and Disrupt”: University of Arkansas - Fort Smith commencement speaker John Taylor began his remarks in a way no UAFS commencement speaker has before: by taking a selfie.


2015 graduating class

UAFS Graduating Class Largest in School’s History: For many University of Arkansas - Fort Smith students, the university’s commencement ceremonies May 9 marked the end of one chapter of their lives and the beginning of another. But Saturday also marked a major milestone for the university: the largest graduating class in its history.


Hackett elementary students

Adopt-a-Professor Connects Schools with UAFS: In a fourth-grade classroom at Hackett Elementary, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith professor Dave McGinnis uses a banana frozen with liquid nitrogen to hammer a nail into a wooden board to demonstrate the effect of molecules slowed by temperature.



UAFS Receives ADHE Approval for Master’s Degree: The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith received approval Oct. 31 from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Coordinating Board to offer its first master’s degree, clearing a major hurdle in the university’s efforts to begin the degree program.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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