Students Learn Professional Attire, Etiquette at “What Not to Wear”

Robert LopezStudents learned the do’s and don’ts of interview attire and etiquette during the annual “What Not to Wear” event held by the College of Business Sept. 16.


In a packed room in the Latture Conference Center on the UAFS campus, students and faculty members modeled various outfits, from casual to professional to inappropriate. Dr. Margaret Tanner, interim dean of the College of Business, also held a mock interview with UAFS students Jasmin Sanchez of Fort Smith and Dylan Thacker of Greenwood demonstrating the right and wrong ways to act during a job interview.


Two Golden Living employees -- Sunshine Bartlett, the manager of the human resources administration department, and Lauren Sergent, the manager for recruiting services – both served as keynote speakers at the event, where they gave the students tips on how to make a good impression during an interview.


Sergent provided an overview of the different types of interviews job applicants face – phone, in-person, and virtual – and how to prepare for each one. Advice included researching the company prior to the interview, preparing a list of questions to ask the interviewer, and to give specific examples to support your answers.


“It’s hard to make the decision sometimes on who to hire. Someone may be great in the interview and they have really polished answers, but they don’t have any evidence to back it up,” Sergent said. “If you’re a problem solver, talk about how you’re a problem solver. Talk about a group project you were involved in. Have these answers you can provide them, so when they make their decision, they have something to set you apart from everybody else.”


Bartlett, a UAFS alumna, offered advice on making a good first impression, from providing a polished resume to having a go-to outfit for short-notice interviews.


“When dressing, less is more,” Bartlett said. “You want them to remember you and your experiences, not your makeup or outfit.”


Etiquette following the interview is also important, according to the two. Applicants should write a thank-you email or send a handwritten thank-you note to the interviewer.


Students modeling in the event were Robert Lopez and Megan Smith, both of Fort Smith. Allie Wilson of Greenwood served as the master of ceremonies.


Article by John Post, Director of Public Information
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Thursday, September 17, 2015
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