UAFS Education Students Recognized by KDP

kdp new initiates

New initiates were (left to right) Jessica Brown, Kimberly Carter, Nicole Dapson,
Mary Caroline Fimpel, Natasha Elmore, Amra Trevino, Lela Nickell, Chistal Gilmore and
Ashlee Stumph.


kdp graduating seniors

Graduating seniors are (left to right) Shane Hale, Jessica
Lemus, Melissa Glory, Christal Gilmore, Tiffany Hicks, Ashley Woodey, Lisa Rodriguez,
Hayli Cole, Sierra Whiteaker, Lela Nickell, Jessica Vearrier and Emily McGill.

Nine students in the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith’s School of Education have been inducted into the Alpha Beta Omega chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society during an initiation ceremony that also recognized senior members in the organization.


Students recognized during the ceremony were:


Alma: Jessica Brown and Nicole Dapson, new members; Christal Gilmore, new member and presented cord.


Arkoma, Okla.: Mary Caroline Fimpel, new member.


Cameron, Okla.: Tiffany Hicks, presented cord.


Barling: Amra Trevino, new member.


Booneville: Ashlee Stumph, new member.


Fort Smith: Kimberly Carter, new member; Melissa Glory and Jessica Vearrier, presented cords.


Greenwood: Emily McGill and Ashley Woodey, presented cords.


Hackett: Natasha Elmore, new member.


Lavaca: Hayli Cole, presented cord.


Panama, Okla.: Sierra Whiteaker, presented a cord.


Van Buren: Jessica Lemus and Lisa Rodriguez, presented cords; Lela Nickell, new member and presented cord.


Waldron: Shane Hale, presented cord.


This year's officers include Shane Hale of Waldron, president; Ashely Woodey of Greenwood, vice president and publicist; Jessica Lemus of Van Buren, secretary; and Tiffany Hicks of Cameron, Okla., treasurer. Co-counselors are Dr. Deebe Milford of Alma and Ginger Osburn of Sallisaw, Okla.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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