Stojanovic Returns to UAFS in Sports Information Role

A familiar face has returned to the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Lions Athletics Department, helping tell the story of UAFS’s student-athletes. Dusan Stojanovic took over as the UAFS sports information director this fall, returning to the city and the basketball court he called home for five years. 


Stojanovic, a native of Lazarevac, Serbia, first joined UAFS in 2011 as a member of the men's basketball team. In addition to his academic and athletic pursuits, he served as a student assistant for the dean's office in the College of Health Sciences and interned for the UAFS Sports Information Department.


“It’s very encouraging to get to come back to UAFS,” said Stojanovic. “When you go through a program with a support system like the one at this university, you get to see your own story develop through that university, and how you can become successful thanks to the guidance of the people around you. Now I get to turn around and tell that story to others, I get to tell the community about the successes that are born in this place and the powerful stories of our student-athletes.”


“Dusan is a Lion through and through,” said Athletic Director Curtis Janz. “He represents the best of UAFS. We use three words to describe the UAFS culture: love, serve, grow. Dusan lives out those attributes.  He loves the institution, the student-athletes, and the coaches and staff. He is a servant leader, and he has the ability to grow, learn and make UAFS better for a long time to come."


Stojanovic graduated from UAFS in 2016 with a double major in media communication and rhetoric and writing, plus numerous honors and accolades as an NCAA Division II athlete. 


Though his first-hand knowledge of life as a student-athlete and his familiarity with UAFS will serve him well in his new role, Stojanovic explained that he was also excited to put his intensive study of social sustainability to use professionally. 


Stojanovic earned a Master of Arts in organizational communication from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in May of 2019. While working on his master's degree, he taught introductory communication courses and worked as a website content lead within the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Arkansas.


“I’ve focused a lot on community development,” he said. “We have the opportunity to leverage the wonderful things this organization is doing to impact those around us in a positive way. The successes of our student-athletes and our athletics staff are our biggest resource. Telling their stories to inspire others, growing the institution and encouraging excitement about our programs are things I really believe in. There is so much to be excited about.”


Stojanovic's background working in the University of Arkansas Office for Diversity and Inclusion and on the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council will also inform his work at UAFS.


“I think it’s a really great development of our university to strive toward a more diverse and inclusive campus. Making sure our students are included and that they feel like they belong here creates a sustainable campus long-term,” he said. “I deeply care about this issue, and I’m excited to work with Curtis, members of the community and everyone on this campus to further that mission. We can be known for that, and I’m really excited about the future.”


“Athletics are the front porch of universities,” he added, "and communication is so important to opening that front porch to our community. There are so many success stories of our students that need to be told, and I’m so excited to be part of telling those stories.”



Media members interested in obtaining UAFS statistics, recaps and sports stories may contact Stojanovic at or 479-788-7683, to be added to the UAFS Sports Information mailing lists.




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Monday, October 7, 2019
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