UAFS Foundation Scholarship Portal Launches

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The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Foundation’s scholarship portal Lions SHARE is now open for applications by UAFS students. The Scholarship Hub And Resource Engine connects UAFS students to scholarships made possible by private donors’ generous support. This one-stop online application gives current and prospective students another resource to help pay for college and makes accessing those scholarships seamless and straightforward. 


“We know college is a substantial cost for families, and the decision to invest in education is even more significant this year amid the challenges posed by COVID-19. We know that for many families, the scholarships provided by the UAFS Foundation make the difference between having access to the power of higher education and missing that opportunity entirely,” said Blake Rickman, Executive Director of the UAFS Foundation. “Our mission as a foundation and as a university is to remove barriers to education so that every student who hopes to change their lives as a Lion is able to do so. We are deeply moved by the continued generosity of our donors who have chosen to support UAFS and our students through the challenges of this year.”


Each year, the UAFS Foundation provides nearly $2 million in scholarships to students at UAFS. Foundation scholarships are awarded in addition to the federal, state, and institutional financial aid opportunities those students may qualify for, including prestigious, merit, transfer, Arkansas Scholar, non-traditional student, and international student scholarships.


UAFS students may fill out the application for unrestricted scholarships, as well as search more than 250 unique scholarship opportunities and apply for those that meet their specific educational goals. 


The private scholarships offered through the UAFS foundation support students in virtually every field of study at UAFS, reaching every academic college, with many even supporting students in specific majors. 

The foundation also provides scholarships for varied demographics of UAFS students, including scholarships specifically for non-traditional students, students who are single parents, students who are employed while attending full-time, and students enrolled in technical and vocational programs. 


More information about Lions Share and the scholarships offered by the UAFS Foundation is available at


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Monday, November 2, 2020
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