STEM Faculty Earn $19,995 Grant for High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Dr. Fakayode measures chemicals in the chemistry labUniversity of Arkansas – Fort Smith professor Dr. Sayo Fakayode (PI) and his collaborators, Dr. Mohammad Halim (Co-PI), Dr. Souvik Banerjee (Co-PI), Dr. Charuksha  Walgama (CoPI), and Dr. Jeff Shaver (CoPI)  earned a of $19,995, grant from the Arkansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) in the form of a Consortium Agreement between the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.


The UAFS College of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics has earned numerous grants this year from partners at INBRE and across the nation, helping propel research at UAFS forward and enabling students to gain hands on experiences with cutting edge equipment as early as their freshman year.


“The College of STEM is always looking for ways to improve research experience opportunities for our students,” said Dr. Linus Yu, interim dean of the college. “This grant is a validation of those efforts. We appreciate INBRE's recognition of UA Fort Smith's dedication to offering a quality student experience.”


The nearly $20,000 INBRE grant will be used to purchase shared equipment to perform High Performance Liquid Chromatography on the UAFS and UAMS campuses. This chromatographic technique is used in analytical chemistry to identify, quantify and purify the individual components of chemical mixtures.

Useful in both laboratory and clinical scientific applications, hands on experience with the HPLC instrument will engage UAFS students in current research, and prepare them for advanced degree programs, pharmaceutical development, product testing, and medical analyses. 


“As a communal instrument, HPLC will enhance pedagogy and serve as a lynchpin for ongoing faculty and student research in pharmaceuticals, biomedical, cancer research, cellular and molecular biology at UAFS,” explained Fakayode. “The project will promote research capabilities and training of undergraduates at the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at UAFS.”


Over the past year College of STEM at UAFS has brought in close to $500,000 in grants, including a total of $107,670 from Arkansas INBRE, $261,888 from TRIO Student Support Service (SSS) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, $94,150 from Arkansas Department of Education for UAFS Education Renewal Zone and $4,000 from The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.


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Friday, November 27, 2020
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