This year is going to be different because …

This year will be different because…


The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith campus is, during December, a place that’s populated by people who are determined to enter the new year in a spirit of optimism.


Their resolutions for 2013 are all addressing the issue of a coming year filled with ambitions of personal success and effectiveness in the world around them.


Some people have an “immediate” approach to resolutions. Cindy Rainwater of Fort Smith, an administrative assistant in the office of associate provost for academic affairs, is a good example of not procrastinating when she sums it up.


“Why delay?” asks Rainwater. “I don’t wait for a day on the calendar to make a decision to do something better.” She’s made her resolutions all year long. “Besides,” she said, “I’ve never had much luck with a resolution made on New Year’s Day.”


Zachary Glover from Hackett is a mechanical engineering major. He’s also a heavy equipment operator with the 188th Air National Guard.


“I want to get more physically active this year,” said Glover. He added that he plans to do what he can to keep the 188th assigned to its present mission.


The resolution by nursing student Michelle Weyrick of Fort Smith fell into the economic category.


“I want to get a job in 2013 so I can start paying for school,” she said.


Zach Hogberg of Pocola is a biology major, and he’s in a hurry to get on with life.


“I need to get rich this year so I can pay off my student loans,” Hogberg said.


Alissa Wilson of Fort Smith is looking at the “here and now” to solve issues of the future. She’s studying history and foreign languages.


“I want to pass math this year,” Wilson said. “And then it’ll be done with it!”


Academics alone are not enough for some students. They need employment as well as education. Elias Galvan of Fort Smith is taking general studies and hopes to enter the College of Education. He has a project for 2013.


“I want to complete a business plan for a paintball course I want to start,” he said. “I think there’s a market for it in this area that hasn’t been met yet.”


Galvan said he’s a former Marine and he also wants to get back to his optimum physical condition in 2013.


Gloria Santoyo’s resolution is also work related.


“I want to get a job that has something to do with education in 2013,” she said. Santoyo, of Fort Smith, is also taking general courses and wants to be an education major.


Marshal Hurst of Spiro, Okla., is assistant director of the Education Renewal Zone in the College of Education. Hurst looks at family responsibilities when he looks to the future.


“Spend more time with my family,” he said. “I want to do more things with them and be more active with them.”


Faculty members seem to seek personal improvement to make them more effective.


Keith Fudge of Van Buren, associate professor in the department of English, rhetoric and writing in the College of Languages and Communications, took a page out of the late Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”


“I want to be a better dad, spouse, worker, leader, neighbor and family member,” he said. “I just want to be better for all the people around me.”


Tim Wall of Mountainburg, instructor in the department of English, rhetoric and writing, at first said he, also, wants to do better at work, home and play. Then he thought for a moment and decided to analyze the resolution from his students’ perspective.


“The kids said I’m boring, so that probably means I want to be perfectly boring,” Wall said with a laugh.


Twin brothers seem to think alike. Strange isn’t it?


“I’m going to work harder on my grades next year,” said Josh Jones of Lavaca. He’s a student in the College of Business.


“Next year, I’m going to work harder on my grades,” said Jacob Jones of Lavaca. He’s also a student in the College of Business.


Dustin Shelby of Charleston was tightly focused on final exams when he contemplated 2013.


“I just want to get through this academic year successfully,” Shelby said.


Seth Fisher from Mulberry is in the College of Applied Science and Technology. He’s also looking at immediate goals and objectives for his resolution.


“I just want to get through school,” said Fisher.


Breanna King, a nursing major from Lavaca, appears to have thought all she wants to about academic pursuits.


“I want to go skydiving in 2013,” said King. “I also want to get an apartment with my boyfriend.”


John Groen from Charleston is thinking of a quick success -- and lots of it.


“I want to buy a winning lottery ticket and then be a sugar daddy for Kim Kardashian.


Kristen Manasco of Fort Smith is facing major decisions in 2013.


“I’m going to figure out what I want to do,” said Manasco.


Mary Huffman of Fort Smith works for Sodexo in the Campus Center food court.


“I’m going to work on improving my finances in 2013,” said Huffman. “That’s why I have two jobs: one here and one at Bost.”


Kandace Floyd, of Fort Smith, writer/editor in the Marketing and Communications Office at UAFS, is looking forward to a year of genuine and solid improvement in the resolution facet of her life.


“I’ve never done much about these resolutions,” she said. “But this year, I’m firmly resolved to make a resolution by the end of next year.”


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Monday, December 17, 2012
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This year will be different because…