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Topic Summary

Paul Beran
Chancellor's Update

Listen to a brief report and learn about the latest activity on the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith campus. In addition to a general update on UAFS, the chancellor can also give updates on the following: The UAFS Master Plan, The Chancellor’s Leadership Council, and The Chancellor’s Coalition for the Visual Arts.  

Lee Krehbiel and Mary Lackie
UAFS Update

Listen to a brief report and learn about the latest activity on the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith campus. Whether the university is working on a new educational program, bringing a well-known speaker to the community or offering top-notch entertainment, there’s always something happening. Hear about the commitment UAFS has to the community to continue to grow and change as needs arise, all while making its mark as a regional university.

Paul Beran
A Multi-Faceted Approach to Workforce Development

Hear about ways that UAFS works to educate and train students for productive and fruitful careers.

Paul Beran
UAFS and its Integral Part in Economic Development

Part of UAFS’ vision is, in the words of Dr. Beran, “to take students and turn them into taxpaying citizens.” Throughout its history, the University has accomplished this by responding to industry needs as part of its commitment to workforce training and developing work-ready graduates. Learn about stackable credit hours and the importance of distance learning in preparing students for post-graduation success. 

Billy Higgins
UAFS, the 85 Year History  

The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1928, when the college opened with an enrollment of just 34 students. Learn about the rise of UAFS from a small university in Fort Smith to the premier regional institution it is today. 

Carolyn Mosley
Update on the College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences has a rich history of offering quality, innovative programs in an atmosphere that is learner-centered and future-oriented. Degree programs share a common goal of integrating theory and technology in classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. Learn more about how the college prepares students for a frequently-changing work environment.

Lee Krehbiel
Collection, Use and Legal Issues Surrounding Student Activity Fees

These fees have grown into a multi-billion dollar enterprise supporting a variety of uses.  Significant litigation has emerged, involving issues ranging from concerns over compelled association to alleged discriminatory practices in allocation of the fees.