Dental Hygiene Speakers


Topic Summary

Pam Davidson
Dental Hygiene: The Program at UAFS

The Dental Hygiene program at UAFS began in 1999 and had risen to 15th in the nation by 2003. Hear about this successful program, which includes a clinic that is open to the public. We'll also share what the very busy dental hygiene students are doing both in and out of class.  

Pam Davidson
How is Your Oral Health?

What do you need to do to take care of your teeth and gums? How can you help your children with their oral hygiene? This topic can be adapted for any age group, from elementary-age children to senior adults. Hear tips for keeping your teeth healthy throughout your lifetime.  

Pam Davidson
News for Dental Consumers

It's easy to get caught up in advertising for dental hygiene products. Find out what's new in dentistry, but also learn about the tried and true products. 

Pam Davidson
Oral Cancer Awareness

This presentation looks at who is susceptible to oral cancer and what you need to know for early detection.