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Topic Summary

Joe Hardin
Are Texting, Google and Facebook Ruining Our Students and Our Language?

Enter into a frank and informed discussion about how technological advances in writing and language use are affecting the ways in which we write, speak, inquire, and think.  Are these technologies contributing to the dumbing down of our students and the degeneration of our language, or must they be accepted as inevitable changes in the way we communicate and think?  

Joe Hardin

Designed both for would-be writers, musicians, and artists, as well as accomplished creative types who are having trouble keeping their projects going, this presentation will give you a few brain activities and basic strategies for supercharging your creative energy in order to generate ideas or for follow-through.  Based on tried-and-true brain activities and the ground-breaking work of psychologist Rollo May, this session will help you learn to light your creative fires and to keep them lit.

Joe Hardin
The Complete Truth About Punctuation and How to Use It

Punctuation in the English language is best understood at a conceptual level and not by learning an entire handbook of “rules.”  In one short lecture, your perspective on punctuation will be changed, and, if you listen carefully, you may never use punctuation incorrectly again.  This presentation lasts 40 minutes. 

Kevin Jones
American Film

From “The Kid” to “Birth of a Nation” to “Duck Soup” to “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” America possesses a rich cinematic tradition that has spent decades exploring the multifaceted American experience. Listen to Jones discuss a sampling of American classics and their impact on the country’s culture and consciousness. 

Kevin Jones
The Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s prolific career is most remembered for his 56 short stories and four novels on Sherlock Holmes. Hear more about the famed author in this informative talk. 

Kevin Jones

In this presentation, Jones discusses the life and works of the legendary playwright whose plays and poets became a foundation for Western literature. 

Kevin Jones
Midwest and Southern American Literature in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams, John Grisham and Harold Bell Wright are only a few of the major writers to emerge from South and Midwest America during the 19th and 20th centuries. Learn about their and other’s contributions to the classic literary tradition. 

Carol Westcamp
Creative Writing in the Real World

This talk covers some of the main concepts of creative writing and how creative writing can be applied to the real world. Aspects of creative writing are used in marketing and businesses all the time. And getting our own creative juices flowing can improve our critical thinking ability and our own appreciation of the world.

Carol Westcamp
Grammar Can Be Fun?!?

Most writers make the same common grammar mistakes, ones that can be easily identified and corrected. Although many people groan when they think about grammar, grammar can be fun! This brief, fun talk will cover some of the most common errors and how to correct them -- all while having fun.