James Benjamin

James BenjaminDr. James Benjamin

Gardner Building, Room 130




Areas of Expertise: pop culture, violent media, aggression.


Dr. James Benjamin is a social-personality psychologist who graduated with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from University of Missouri-Columbia in 2000. His primary research interest is in the study of human aggression. His work concentrates on the cognitive and behavioral effects of aggression-related cues (e.g., violent media, weapon images), as well as individual differences in aggressive cognition and behavior. More recently, he has become interested in applying social psychological theories of aggression to the study of such phenomena as torture and genocide.


Dr. Benjamin has a secondary interest in political psychology, in particular examining authoritarian attitudes, as well as an interest in applying Terror Management Theory to examine facets of pop culture such as the popularity of horror movies, television series, and graphic novels and comic books.