Kevin Jones

Kevin JonesDr. Kevin Jones

Vines, Room 111



Areas of Expertise: Sherlock Holmes, composition, writing pedagogy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Presidential memoirs and autobiographies.


Dr.  Kevin Jones is an Associate Professor of English, Rhetoric, and Writing at UAFS. His research areas include his doctoral dissertation, “American post-presidential memoirs and autobiographies: Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant, Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography and Jimmy Carter's Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President,” a forthcoming publication of his essay on the recent television and film versions of Sherlock Holmes, as well as various articles on presidential authorship, lectures on the history of Fort Smith, teaching methods regarding True Grit, cooperation with local historical organizations and museums on the history and archives of Fort Smith, as well as his participation in the 150th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Prairie Grove.  


Dr. Jones has taught various composition, secondary English teaching methods, public speaking, film courses, debate, American and British literature, and theatre courses since 1997.  He served as the Director of English Teacher Licensure at UAFS from 2011 to 2015, published two books, Fort Smith:  Postcard History Series (2012) and Fort Smith:  Images of America (2013) and has taught at UAFS since 2005, when he began as an adjunct instructor. 


Other article publications and conference papers include pedagogy of war literature, the WPA's Federal Theatre Project, Presidential memoirs and autobiographies as literature, Arkansas during the Civil War, the works of Arthur Conan Doyle in film and television, and pedestrian safety on college campuses.  Dr. Jones has also served as a reviewer for the Journal of American History, volunteered at local schools to promote writing, research, and attending college, and he also serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 380 in Fort Smith, AR.  His hobbies also include spending time with his family, his friends, the outdoors, baseball, and music.


Dr. Jones completed a B.S. in Speech/Theatre and English Education (1997) and a Master of Arts in Theatre (2002) from Missouri State University (Springfield), and his Ph.D. in English (American Studies, Southern Literature and Culture) (2011) from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.