Todd Timmons

Todd TimmonsDr. Todd Timmons

Vines, Room 109



Areas of Expertise: history of science, technology and mathematics.


Dr. Todd Timmons is a Professor of History at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. He holds a Ph.D. in The History of Science from the University of Oklahoma.  He teaches courses in the History of Modern Science, the History of Technology in Society, and the History of Mathematics. In addition to numerous journal publications, book chapters, book reviews, and presentations at national conferences, Dr. Timmons has authored three books on the History of Science, Technology and Mathematics: Science and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America (Greenwood Press, 2005), Makers of Western Science: The Works and Words of 24 Visionaries from Copernicus to Watson and Crick (McFarland and Co., 2012), and Mathematics in Nineteenth-Century America (Docent Press, 2013).


Currently he is involved in teaching using a pedagogy called “Reacting to the Past” in which students participate in academically rigorous and intensive role playing as they recreate seminal events in history such as “The Trial of Galileo” or “The Constitutional Convention of 1787.”  Dr. Timmons is in the early stages of writing a book based on this pedagogy which has students recreate the arguments concerning the decision to use the first atomic bombs against Japanese targets at the end of World War II.