Experts in Communication, Language, Arts and Social Sciences

Name Title Areas of Expertise
     Christopher Barrick      Head of the Department of Music and Theatre saxophone, jazz studies, musical pedagogy
     James Benjamin Associate Professor of Psychology pop culture, violent media, aggression
     Bret Bowers Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing Internet memes, Internet culture
     Mike Crane Assistant Professor of History slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction, African American history, 19th century America
     Christian Gerard Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing poetry, literature, early modern literature
     Stephen Husarik Professor of Humanities and Music History humanities, Beethoven, classical music, piano, world travel
     Kevin Jones Associate Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing Sherlock Holmes, composition, writing pedagogy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, presidential memoirs and autobiographies.
     Lindsy Lawrence Associate Professor of English Elizabeth Gaskell, gender roles and fictional conventions of 19th century British literature.
     Ann-Gee Lee Associate Professor of English women’s studies, pop culture, ESL theory/pedagogy, multiculturalism, Nushu
     Joshua Packwood Assistant Professor of Philosophy philosophy, Greek philosophy, Neoplatonism, world religions, travel
     Tony Pearn Instructor of Criminal Justice criminal justice policy, sentencing, crime reduction theory, excessive force
     Mary Shepard Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities art, art history, medieval stained-glass windows of France and England, repatriation
     Dennis Siler Associate Professor of English Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, Harry Potter, folk music as an influence in the works of Thomas Hardy.
     Susan Simkowski Associate Professor of Media Communication educational technology, media
     Mary Sobhani Assistant Professor of Spanish Baha’I Faith, Costa Rica and U.S. Latino Literature
     Cammie Sublette Head of the Department of English food studies, zombie films, African American literature with a focus on Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and Toni Morrison, and the literature of Chuck Palahniuk.
     Todd Timmons Professor of History history of science, technology and mathematics
     Tom Wing Assistant Professor of History 19th century American history, Civil War, and military, judicial and federal Indian policy during the 19th century, 18th and 19th century artillery and small arms.
     Mary Wuestewald Instructor of Criminal Justice wrongful convictions, mass murder
     Williams Yamkam Assistant Professor of Political Science state politics, national politics, polling, campaign and elections