Health and Fitness Speakers


Topic Summary

Sydney Fulbright
Community Health and the Older Person

In this discussion, learn about the community senior center and its role in improving the health of the community-residing older person. The information provided in the presentation is the product of doctoral dissertation research on improving the lives of our community dwelling older population. 

Sydney Fulbright
Depression in the Older Person: A Growing Problem

Contrary to popular belief, depression is not part of the normal aging process. It can be treated successfully. This talk will discuss the misinformation, causes and treatments concerning depression and the older population.

Sydney Fulbright
Surgical Technology at UAFS

The Surgical Technology program at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith was accredited in 1980. The program prepares the graduate for a number of career possibilities, and not all are in the operating room. Find out more about where this educational path can take a student.

Meighan Pendergrass
Exercise and Older Adults

Want to improve your quality of life? This seminar will focus on exercise implementation, proper techniques and the benefits of exercise. No matter your age, you can start an exercise program!

Meighan Pendergrass
Stress Management

Is your life one stressful situation after another? Do you see no way to eliminate the stress-causing factors? You can learn some tips to handle stress properly. Find out how in this session.

Cory Williams
Finding Time to Exercise

This seminar focuses on tips and hints on how you can fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Cory Williams
How to Fit Fitness into Your Work Day

This seminar takes a look at how a person can get exercise in during the time they are at work.

Cory Williams
The Benefits of Stretching

While most know stretching is a very important part of fitness, here we look at the main reasons to stretch and why it’s important as well as going through a full body stretching presentation.

Cory Williams
The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Hear an in-depth look at the six dimensions of wellness and how each can positively and negatively affect a person.