Joe Hardin

Joe Hardin

Professor of English


Dr. Joe Hardin is a professor of English at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, having previously served as the dean of the College of Languages and Communication. Before coming to UAFS, Hardin held positions as director of composition at Western Kentucky University and as director of writing at Northwestern State University in Louisiana.


Hardin is a nationally recognized scholar in the field of rhetoric and composition and has published chapters and articles on writing pedagogy, writing theory, and academic leadership.  His scholarly book, Opening Spaces: Critical Pedagogy and Resistance Theory in Composition, was published in 2002 and his writing textbook, Choices: Situations for College Writing (2004), is now going into its third printing.


In addition to his scholarly work, Hardin is an accomplished creative writer and musician, having come to the academic world after 23 years as a professional keyboard player, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He is also a “foodie” and an avid birdwatcher.


Hardin holds a Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Writing and American Literature from the University of South Florida. 




Are Texting, Google and Facebook Ruining our Students and Our Language?

Enter into a frank and informed discussion about how technological advances in writing and language use are affecting the ways in which we write, speak, inquire, and think.  Are these technologies contributing to the dumbing down of our students and the degeneration of our language, or must they be accepted as inevitable changes in the way we communicate and think?  


The Complete Truth about Punctuation and How to Use It

Punctuation in the English language is best understood at a conceptual level and not by learning an entire handbook of “rules.”  In one short lecture, your perspective on punctuation will be changed, and, if you listen carefully, you may never use punctuation incorrectly again.  This presentation lasts 40 minutes.



Designed both for would-be writers, musicians, and artists, as well as accomplished creative types who are having trouble keeping their projects going, this presentation will give you a few brain activities and basic strategies for supercharging your creative energy in order to generate ideas or for follow-through.  Based on tried-and-true brain activities and the ground-breaking work of psychologist Rollo May, this session will help you learn to light your creative fires and to keep them lit.