Management and Leadership Speakers


Topic Summary

Paul Beran
Four Rules of Management That Can Lead to Good Leadership

Learn how to set clear expectations of behavior in the organization and establish a path to exercise positive leadership in this informative talk. 

Kimberley Gordon
Team Building: Understanding Fundamentals of Team Development

Learn the cyclical life of a team and how to avoid getting trapped in a low productivity – low trust culture.

Kimberley Gordon
Team Dynamics: Conquering the Five Dysfunctions

Ever wonder what the dynamics are that are required for teams to succeed? Learn what characteristics must exist for a group of people to become a cohesive team.

Kimberley Gordon
Strategic Workforce Planning

According to basketball legend John Wooden, failing to plan is planning to fail. Learn the basics of the strategic planning process in this workshop.

Kimberley Gordon
Book Review: "Good to Great"

Learn the primary tenets of the research conducted by Jim Collins and his team and the findings. This book is an international best seller and many of its topics and themes are used in today’s vernacular. 

Kermit Kuehn
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

There is much talk in our community about economic development and the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in developing and maintaining a healthy community. What does entrepreneurship have to do with economic development? What is realistic to expect from such initiatives? What are some of the important ingredients for entrepreneurship to prosper in our area? Find out these answers and more. 

Rebecca Timmons
Qualities of a Great Leader

Learn about key qualities that every good leader should possess.  These include honesty, ability to inspire, empowerment and knowing your owns strengths and weaknesses.

Micki Voelkel
Leadership Star Power

Through the example of three well-known business presenters—Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds and the late Steve Jobs—learn how to exert leadership power through your presentations.

Micki Voelkel
People Powered Projects

Based on the book by Lou Russell, this lesson teaches you how to manage the people side of project work with 10 Steps to Project Management.