Politics Speakers


Topic Summary

Williams Yamkam
National Politics

Now more than ever, the United States is politically divisive between conservatives, liberals, and a slew of other parties. Learn about the landscape of national politics and the elections in upcoming years. 

Williams Yamkam
State Politics

Arkansas politics has been in the national spotlight recently, with the private option and the senate race between Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton garnering national headlines. Hear about the dynamics of political races in Arkansas and what issues lay in store for policy makers in the coming years. 

Williams Yamkam

Polling remains an important way not just to determine public opinion, but to predict upcoming elections. Learn about the science of polling in this informative talk. 

Williams Yamkam
Campaigns and Elections

From assembling a campaign staff to fundraising to maintaining an image, running a campaign is a laborious and multifaceted task that challenges even the most determined individuals. In this talk, Yamkam analyzes campaign strategies and how best to run a successful campaign.