Professional Growth Speakers


Topic Summary

Kimberley Gordon
Emotional Intelligence: EQ versus IQ

How do you mix oil and water? You don’t. The same is often true of emotions and intelligence. A surge of one reduces the volume of the other. Why be concerned? It doesn’t matter how intelligent you may be if you can’t manage your emotions. It’s true! Learn how to blend your oil and water.

Kimberley Gordon
Time Management: Organizing Time

Time is on your side, or is it? Time management, an often cited challenge, is less about harnessing spare minutes in a 24-hour day. It’s more about raising your own productivity. Whether at work or play, organizing your activities is absolutely critical if you are to accomplish all the things you want and need to accomplish.  

Kimberley Gordon
Creating a Culture of Customer Service

What would tomorrow be like if today was the last day any of your current customers did business with you? Could you survive? Would you? Is your organization on the endangered list? What can you do about it? Gather some quick tips in this interactive session. 

Ron Orick
Personal Marketing: Developing a Professional Résumé

What differentiates your resume from the large number of resumes that are submitted for a position? These days, organizations are looking for “Skills and Accomplishments,” not just “Job Duties” in a resume. This workshop provides detailed explanations, as well step-by-step processes, for creating an effective professional résumé that showcases your credentials.

Dave Robertson
Internal Controls & Loss Prevention

Small businesses are affected by employee dishonesty more often and in larger amounts than their larger corporate counterparts. Simple and effective internal controls are essential in any organization to prevent fraud and theft. Learn how fraud is committed and how you can keep from becoming a victim.

Rebecca Timmons
Become a Five-Tool Player in Communication

Using baseball as an analogy, learn how to become a better Five-Tool Player in communication: understanding the culture, building trust, making an impact, reading body language and active listening. 

Rebecca Timmons
Dealing with Difficult People

Working with others is never an easy thing. Difficult situations arise daily, leaving you to wonder whether the situation was handled in a professional manner or whether personal feelings took control. Gain insight into the elements that influence difficult behavior and ways to recognize and deal with the causes of difficult behavior.

Micki Voelkel
Beating Stage Fright: Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Mark Twain said, "There are two types of speakers: Those that are nervous and those that are liars." Learn practical techniques to get over your fear and deliver the goods in public speaking situations!

Micki Voelkel
Be Proactive!

Learn to take ownership of your decisions through the power of proactivity. This session focuses on choosing your reactions, the power of positive language and working on those things that you can influence or change.

Micki Voelkel
Killer Presentations, No Bullets

Learn to liven up your presentation slides through the art of visual presentation design—no bullets allowed.

Micki Voelkel
Listen Up!

Use active and empathic listening to improve your communication.

Micki Voelkel
Setting Priorities

Learn to manage your time with the Time Matrix and weekly and daily planning—based on Habit 3 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Micki Voelkel
Tell Your Story: How to Give Powerful Presentations

Go beyond PowerPoint slides and prepared statements! Learn practical organizational techniques that will help you get your message across. Go beyond PowerPoint slides and prepared statements. Learn practical organizational techniques that will help you get your message across.

Micki Voelkel
What Not to Share: Top Ten Facebook Fails for Managing Your Reputation

Learn the top ten bad Facebook decisions that can affect your personal and professional reputation.