Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson

Director of the Family Enterprise Center and the Center for Business and Professional Development


Dave Robertson is the Director of the Family Enterprise Center and the Center for Business and Professional Development at UAFS. The FEC is a business outreach program of the College of Business at UAFS with the mission of supporting multi-generational family businesses in our region. Robertson has served as the Director of the FEC since April 2009, and assumed duties as the CBPD director in 2014. 


Prior to joining UAFS, Dave worked in and around the Fort Smith area as an accountant working in local industry for over 30 years. He completed his Master’s in Business Administration in 2005 and holds both the Certified Public Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor designations.


Dave’s area of expertise is in the fields of Managerial Accounting and Internal Controls. He is often asked to teach Accounting and other Business classes as an adjunct instructor when the need arises in the College of Business. He enjoys visiting with groups about the challenges of family business as well as the need for strong internal controls to prevent or detect employee dishonesty.


Dave and his wife, Cindy, reside in Mulberry and enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.




Family Enterprise Center

Studies show that over 80% of U.S. businesses are family-owned. Family businesses face unique challenges related to ownership succession, generational leadership change and communication and conflict. The Family Enterprise Center at UAFS exists to help multi-generational family-owned businesses deal with these unique challenges by examining the issues objectively and in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more about this unique program and the services it offers for local family-owned businesses.  


Center for Business and Professional Development

Recognized as a statewide business development and training leader, UAFS maintains its long-standing commitment to business and industry with the Center for Business and Professional Development. As part of the College of Applied Science and Technology, CBPD partners with companies to increase their productivity and competitive stance by developing the skills of their employees. In this presentation, learn about what the center has to offer for your business. 


Internal Controls & Loss Prevention

Small businesses are affected by employee dishonesty more often and in larger amounts than their larger corporate counterparts. Simple and effective internal controls are essential in any organization to prevent fraud and theft. Learn how fraud is committed and how you can keep from becoming a victim.


Whitewater Kayaking

The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas offer unique opportunities for outdoor adventure including whitewater kayaking. When it rains, local paddlers can be on a whitewater stream in a matter of minutes if they know where to go and have the right equipment. Local paddlers offer assistance, instruction and guidance to beginners looking to experience this amazingly fun adventure sport!