Rebecca Timmons

Rebecca Timmons

Director of Academic Assessment and Accountability


Rebecca Timmons is the director of academic assessment and accountability at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. She is responsible for developing and administering policies and processes that provide the campus with consistent, comprehensive data for informed decision making.


She is also responsible for the implementation of campus-wide assessments and university learning outcomes, and she provides relevant, timely and accurate information to the administration and faculty in support of all assessment activities and program reviews.


She has served as the department chair for the Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership, and lead professor for the Information Technology Application program and for the Administrative Professional and Office Technology program. She has won numerous awards and has authored several articles. She has also presented at state and national conferences on various topics, including "Dealing with Difficult People," "Taming the Telephone" and "Who Moved My Cheese?"


She first came to Fort Smith in 1988 to teach at what was then Westark Community College. She has bachelor's and master's degrees from Texas Tech University and a doctorate in vocational education from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.




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